Areas I cover with coaches, this is an outline only and your coaching program will be customised to your needs and goals.

The Character and mindset of a successful online business owner

•Get clear on your desires

•Design a new powerful Self Image that will propel you for success

•Learn the strategies to create your dream life or business

•Your personal “story” and how it has created your current mindset

•Identify & let go of your current mindset blocks that are holding you back

•Create your own mindset practice

•Learn how to take inspired action to achieve your goals

•Productivity routines

•Develop your confidence in life and business

•Let go of your emotional brakes that are holding you back such as people pleasing, co-dependency, fear of criticism and more

•Wealth consciousness

•Practical day to day application of Law of Attraction, how to deliberately steer your thoughts to achieve your goals

Build a solid business foundation

•Gain clarity on who your ideal client is and how you serve them

•Design coaching packages that your clients will love

•Design your client processes to ensure great customer experience

•Review or set up the necessary business structures such as your website, landing pages, all the technical elements for smooth online operations

•Essential business metrics you must to be tracking for growth

•Review or set up your business processes such as booking sales calls, new client on boarding, etc.

•Develop a consistent brand throughout your online presence

•All essential tools you need for a successful online business

Create a powerful online presence 

•Craft a simple yet powerful marketing strategy

•Design an online visibility plan that speaks to your ideal client

•Learn how to share your story powerfully to build emotional relationship with your audience

•Set up or upgrade your presence on social media

•Find and nurture your tribe online

•How to incorporate your personality into your marketing

•How to build credibility and authority in your niche

•Create your marketing calendar

•Build relationships to develop business opportunities

•Above all we will simplify, simplify, simplify your strategy so you know exactly what you need to be doing and when

Master your sales process

•Discovery process vs the sales process

•How to set up powerful sales conversations

•How to prequalify potential clients before you even get on the phone to avoid time wasters

•The actual discovery session elements and the session flow

•How to handle your own emotions during sales calls

•How to convert potential clients into paying clients without coming across as pushy or salesy

•How to overcome potential client’s objections

•How to charge your worth


•How to step into your own power and be the leader of yourself and your business

•How to be the leader that your clients want you so badly to be

•How to keep your emotions in check and always maintain your professionalism even in vulnerable moments

•Design a customer experience to create loyal clients who keep coming back

•How to amaze your clients to give you rave testimonials

•How to position yourself as a leader in your industry

•Learn the principles of long term success


Fees start at £4000 for a minimum commitment of 6 months. Please note that I do not work with Coach clients for a period of less than 6 months.

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